Horticulture Classes

All classes take place at Warner Castle unless otherwise stated in the description. For off-site classes, you will receive directions by mail or email before the class. Preregistration is required for most classes. Register early! Most classes have a maximum of 20 students or less. Classes which require materials may not be able to accommodate last-minute registrations. In case of bad weather, RCGC is usually closed when the city schools are closed. Outdoor classes generally take place rain or shine, so dress accordingly. If in doubt call 585/473-5130.


0511CP Chainsaw Practicum

0523FH Floral & Herb Container Garden

0525LG Linwood Gardens Tour

0525GD Elements of Serene and Natural Garden Design

0601RG Redesign and Maintenance of a Brighton Gem

0603OI Odyssey to Ithaca Bus Trip

0606SD Summer Container Workshop

0606LW Living Wreath Workshop

0608DC A Designer's Approach to Taming an Urban Wilderness

0608HH Healing Herb Garden

0613EH Everything Herbal - Growing, Crafting & Cooking

0614PC Purposeful Perennials - Using Perennials in Containers

0617SP Summer Pruning

0620SG Creating a Naturalistic Garden - Sustainable and Satisfying

0621JK Soiree: Jerry Kral's Incredible Landscape in June

0622MH Early Summer Blooms Stroll

0628SC Creating Pots with Pizzazz - Using Dwarf Shrubs in Containers

0629CG Warner Castle Garden Walk

0711GI Tour the RMSC's Regional Green Infrastructure Showcase

0718LW For the Love of Lavender

0719KG Soiree: An Asian/Contemporary Fusion Garden in Pittsford

0722BB1 & 0722BB2 Backyard Beekeeping

0725ON Oh No, Now What: Creative Perennial Garden Maintenance

0726HY Hundreds of Hydrangeas - And How to Maintain Them for Blooms

0729LL Jelly and Jam Workshop

0801VG Tour Penfield's Community Victory Garden

0802GD Gardening with Deer

0808FW Tour Erie Way Flower Farm and Decorate a Twig Wreath with Fresh Flowers

0810GE Gardening with Edibles

0815HS Tour Harris Seed's Flower Trial Gardens

0817LF An Artist's Garden on the Lake

0819SS Structured Spaces, Inviting Places

0916MH September Blooms Stroll

0923HS Make Your Own Salsa Workshop

0926FI Gardening for Fall Interest at a Showpiece Garden in Pittsford

0928WC Visit Rochester's Castle