Current Magazines

  • American Butterflies - Quarterly; articles and wonderful photos by butterfly watchers all over the U.S. (North American Butterfly Assoc., Inc.)
  • The American Gardener - Bi-monthly; varied, illustrated articles from saving seeds to garden metaphors; departments from members’ forum to book reviews (American Horticultural Society)
  • American Rose – Monthly; extensive coverage of typology, growing conditions and new products (American Rose Society)
  • Avant-Gardener - Monthly; unique horticultural news service, non-illustrated, short articles on a great variety of topics (Horticultural Data Processors)
  • Backyard Living – Bi-monthly; a plethora of instructional information (with photos) about gardening, birds, food and outdoor furniture (Reiman Publ.)
  • Birds & Blooms - Bi-monthly; illustrated tips and practical advice about attracting birds, building bird houses, and enhancing plant life (Reiman Publ.)
  • Brooklyn Botanic Garden Plants and Gardens News - Quarterly; brief writings on subjects from garden insects to curing a hangover (Brooklyn Botanic Garden)
  • Butterfly Gardener - Quarterly; tips and tidbits, growing host plants, butterfly feeders, etc. (North American Butterfly Inc.)
  • The English Garden - Bimonthly; seasonal material, descriptions and travel information about fine gardens, design guide, beautiful photos (British Connection, Inc.)
  • Fine Gardening - Bimonthly; diverse topics including specific plant groups such as grasses and ferns, best location for plantings, readers’ tips, and lovely pictures (Taunton Press)
  • Garden Design – Bimonthly; descriptively-photographed advice and tips about plant selection and location (World Publ.)
  • Garden Gate - Bimonthly; features about specific plants, design suggestions, question/answer column, numerous illustrations (August Home Publ. Co.)
  • The Garden Letter - Quarterly; challenging thoughts for the northern gardener, concise articles on plants, pests, tools and design (published privately by Bonnie Blodgett)
  • The Green Scene - Bimonthly; topical columns such as bulbs, toad lilies; picturesque descriptions of gardens and historical buildings pertaining to Pennsylvania (The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society)
  • The Herb Companion - Bimonthly; coverage of characteristics of specific herbs, recipes and planting ideas (Ogden Publ. Inc.)
  • Herb Society of America – Quarterly; society news, a handful of writings on gardening issues (Herb Society of America Inc.)
  • Horticulture - Bimonthly; inspirational information and pictures about gardens, plants, design and technique (F+W Publ.)
  • International Bonsai - Quarterly; educational features on the artistic and horticultural expression of classical bonsai; numerous photographs (International Bonsai Arboretum)
  • Lilacs - Quarterly; each issue covers a separate subject such as international lilacs, membership lists and convention proceedings (International Lilac Society)
  • Organic Gardening - Bimonthly; regular columns about organic gardening solutions, plants, compost, seasonal information, articles on fruits, shrubs, lawns, gardens and so on (Rodale Inc.)
  • People Places Plants Gardening Magazine - Bimonthly; a special, well-illustrated magazine pertaining to the Northeast creating a sense of community for kindred spirits interested in protecting the earth and working in soil (PPP, Paul J. Tukey)
  • Rock Garden Quarterly - Quarterly; detailed information about plants for rock gardens, society news (American Rock Garden Society)
  • Sierra - Bimonthly; writings on environmental issues and activists’ participation (Sierra Club)
  • Upstate Gardeners’ Journal - Bimonthly; seasonal garden tips, newsy stories on a myriad of topics, complete calendar of events in upstate NY (private publisher, Jane F. Milliman)
  • Water Gardening - Bimonthly; everything that a pond-keeper wants to learn about: fish, plants, wildlife and pond construction (Water Gardeners, Inc.)

Recently donated (not a current subscription, but we do have a fairly complete set of back issues):

# Gardens Illustrated - Monthly; British publication, cutting-edge design, beautiful photos, one step ahead of what’s happening in the garden world (BBC)

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