0802GD Gardening with Deer

Wednesday, August 2

6:00-8:00 pm

Almost full - call 585/473-5130 to register.

Come to naturalist and garden designer Carol Southby’s wildlife-friendly Penfield garden to learn how the Southbys have created a beautiful landscape despite heavy deer pressure. It’s a matter of making appropriate plant and design decisions: some plants seem to be (for now) deer-proof, others are forgiving of some browsing, and some plants simply won’t survive a serious attack. And for those plants that you and the deer both like, there are protective measures to deploy, including deer-repellent distasteful sprays, fencing, and pokey sticks. Enjoy the gardens and learn about how to tip the balance in your favor. Directions will be emailed before the class.

Online registration is no longer available for this class.