0801VG Tour Penfield’s Community Victory Garden

Tuesday, August 1

6:30-8 pm

Join Nancy Marrer and volunteers for a tour of Penfield’s highly successful victory garden. This garden is real example of community spirit – everyone pitches in on the group tasks, and you are never alone when it comes to advice or hands-on help. The garden is located on 3.3 acres of town-owned land, garden members take care of the common areas of the garden and surrounding beds. There are 89 beds (members rent their own bed, and some people come just to help), some community flower gardens, and a children’s garden with classes for the kids. Everything is maintained organically, and the group donates hundreds of pounds of produce each year to the local food bank. Come tour this showpiece and learn about what makes it a “Victory Garden.” Directions will be emailed before the tour. Free and open to the public.