0726HY Hundreds of Hydrangeas – And How to Maintain Them for Blooms

Wednesday, July 26

6:30-8:30 pm

Tim Boebel, nursery manager at Wayside Garden Center and author of Hydrangeas in the North: Getting Blooms in the Colder Climates, is a local expert on everyone’s favorite flowering shrub. Join Tim at his 1890’s farmhouse in East Bloomfield to see hundreds of blooming hydrangea cultivars growing on his one-acre plot. Species include H. arborescens, macrophylla, paniculata, quercifolia, serrata, involucrata and anomala. Through much experimentation Tim has worked out how to coax bloom from hydrangeas in our less-than-ideal environment, and is looking at his wide selection of cultivars to determine which are best for our area. Tim will share with us his latest findings on how to maintain macrophyllas for more reliable bloom, discuss the merits of the different hydrangea cultivars, cover any questions you have about methods for growing each of the hardy species (some of which bloom consistently here), and talk about growing hydrangea in patio containers. Tim will also share information on his very successful lotus ponds. Directions will be emailed before the class.