0725ON Oh No, Now What: Creative Perennial Garden Maintenance

Tuesday, July 25

6:00-8:00 pm

Does your garden start to look tired and sloppy as summer moves along? Learn the finer points of garden maintenance for the million little problems that show up in mid-summer. Christine Froehlich has run her own design/maintenance business for many years, and will show you professional methods to keep the garden looking fresh. Some topics covered: proper staking (even when it’s done late); deadheading – how to do it quickly with no stickies; deadleafing; cutting back plants to prevent straggliness and promote a new burst of growth and rebloom; creative pruning of perennials that have gotten too dense; weeding quickly; how to identify problems like low fertility, water, and pest problems; and what to do about the fear of rearrangement. Come learn some new techniques in this hands-on class in the Warner Castle Gardens.