0722BB1 & 0722BB2 Backyard Beekeeping

Saturday, July 22

Two sessions:

This session is full: 10 am (0722BB1)

There are spots available in this session: 2 pm (0722BB2)

Join Marianne Simmons in her Rochester back yard for a look at her beekeeping operation. Marianne will show you her innovative Flow Hive which allows for “tapping” honey with minimal disturbance to the bees. Keeping a hive or two in your yard can be fascinating and productive. In an average year, one hive produces about 18 pints of extra honey! Marianne will explain the parts of the modern beehive, the life cycle of the honeybee, and lots of other interesting information about our most important pollinators. You will learn about the equipment needed to get started, the year-round maintenance processes, and some of the many environmental challenges facing the honeybee population. Please bring your binoculars so you can see the bees from a safe distance as they enter the hive loaded with pollen. Limit 10 each session. Direction will be emailed before the class. Free and open to the public.