0711GI Tour the RMSC’s Regional Green Infrastructure Showcase

Tuesday, July 11

6 pm

The Rochester Museum and Science Center has recently completed an exciting new renovation of its campus as a Regional Green Infrastructure Showcase, funded by 2 state grants, in a partnership between the RMSC, the Water Education Collaborative, the Stormwater Coalition of Monroe County, and RIT. ‘Green infrastructure’ refers to practices that use natural processes such as infiltration (soaking water into the ground) to reduce stormwater runoff, protect water quality, & minimize flooding. New features at the Museum include rain gardens, rain barrels, bioretention areas, porous pavers, porous asphalt, and a new educational pavilion with a green roof, a large, water-themed glass sculpture created by local artist Nancy Gong, and interior exhibits on green infrastructure. This tour, led by local experts, will explore the new infrastructure and gardens, discussing how this project functions to help improve local water quality. Limit 25. Free and open to the public.