0620SG Creating a Naturalistic Garden - Sustainable and Satisfying

Tuesday, June 20

6:00-8:00 pm

Roy Diblik’s system for creating naturalistic gardens of durable perennials (described in his book The Know Maintenance Garden and his RCGC 2015 Symposium presentation) was the inspiration for designer Christine Froehlich’s redesign of this large woodland garden in Penfield. The lavish daffodils were gorgeous in spring, but after that the garden was lack-luster, weeds were a nightmare in the now-bare areas, and deer ate the hostas. In this class, Christine will lead you step-by-step through the process of creating Roy Diblik-style plant communities that work together in large or small spaces. Learn how to choose plants for both sun and shade and group them to achieve an attractive natural look that requires minimal care and provides optimal bloom and interesting textures. The garden is now in its second year, and you’ll see why both Christine and her client are sold on this method of planting. Directions to the Penfield garden will be emailed before the class.