0608DC A Designer’s Approach to Taming an Urban Wilderness

Thursday, June 8

6-7:30 pm

Jean Westcott, in addition to being the owner and creative spirit behind The Artful Gardener, is a highly accomplished landscape designer. There are lovely display gardens around the building on Mt. Hope, and for the last six years she has been working on taming the “back 40” beyond her parking lot, removing unwanted and invasive shrubs, trees and weeds, creating a slate for planting a garden area that’s inviting and appropriate behind “a shop born out of the idea that everyone needs beauty in their lives and that our homes should be an oasis.” This garden has many of the challenges common in our area: deer, groundhogs, dry shade, unwanted woody plants, noxious weeds. In this class, in the gardens behind The Artful Gardener in the elegant Mt Hope/Highland Park historic district, Jean will describe her design process and her approach to the challenges of creating a garden in an area “with issues.” Come early if you’d like to peruse The Artful Gardener first. Directions will be emailed before the class.