0601RG Redesign and Maintenance of a Brighton Gem

Thursday, June 1

6:30-8 pm

Sorry, this class is full.

When Cindy Cali took over the maintenance of this lovely gem of a property on East Avenue in Brighton, the plants were in good condition but the gardens had evolved in the usual piecemeal way. Cindy will walk us through the landscape and describe the changes she made in order to arrive at the present cohesive design, with appropriate plants properly sited. This is now her crew’s favorite property – it is compact and beautiful, and makes sense, both aesthetically and maintenance-wise.  She will also explain the year-round process of pruning and maintaining the gardens, comprised of perennials, ground covers and many choice mature flowering shrubs and ornamental trees, including a collection of huge rhododendrons, beautiful azaleas, and several other large woody ornamentals, some of which should be in prime bloom during our class. For Cindy, lowering the maintenance requirements is an important aspect of good landscape design, and it is her passion to teach gardeners how to accomplish this. Directions will be emailed before the class.