0525LG Linwood Gardens Tour

Thursday, May 25

10 am-12 noon

Join us for a private tour of the gardens, buildings and landscape of Linwood Gardens, a historic estate 35 miles southwest of Rochester. Linwood is known today for its distinguished collection of tree peonies started by William Gratwick in 1940. Our tour is timed for that elusive peak, and there are sure to be some tree peonies in bloom during our visit. The landscape was designed in the early 1900’s and includes an Italian walled garden, an Arts and Crafts style summerhouse, a labyrinth and more, all with spectacular views over the Genesee Valley. Lee Gratwick is the fourth generation of the family to live at Linwood Gardens, and every generation has added their touch to the architecture and plant collections. Linwood today is a serene and idyllic place with a deep sense of beauty and history. You are welcome to bring your lunch to enjoy the atmosphere after the tour.

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