0525GD Elements of Serene and Natural Garden Design

Thursday, May 25

6:30-8 pm

Sorry, this class is canceled. The owner sold the house and the new owner is not amenable to it at this time.

Instructor Dennis Burns designs, builds and maintains Japanese-style gardens throughout upstate New York; join him in this very unique garden of a client in Pittsford. Every boulder, tree, shrub, sculpture and water feature here has been carefully considered and placed, yet seems entirely natural. Azaleas are the only flowers, yet the garden is rich in texture and depth. Skillfully pruned conifers and woody shrubs are sculptural, each to be enjoyed on its own merits. Although the garden is quite small, it appears much larger as it fades into the woodlands surrounding it. Dennis will discuss principles of garden design, illustrated here but applicable to any style of garden, such as enclosure, borrowed scenery, color palette, plant selection, selection and setting of boulders for artistic effect, and the pruning of the azaleas and other woody plants. Directions will be emailed before the class.