0223FF Botany II - Flowers, Fruits & Seeds

Thursday, February 23

6-9 pm

Botany for Gardeners is a component of the Rochester Civic Gardener's Certificate, but classes may be taken individually if space allows. There are two botany classes, The Green Plant (for information on this class, click on the title) and Flowers, Fruits & Seeds (below).

Plants are the touchstone of gardening, and the more we understand about how plants function, the better gardeners we will be. These lively, informative classes are designed for students new to botany as well as those desiring a refresher course. Join Carol Southby, botanist and naturalist, as we explore the hidden workings of flowering plants from a gardener’s point of view. Both sessions will use live plant specimens and hands-on work, and will benefit from the use of our video projection microscope to view plant parts.

Botany II: Flowers, Fruits & Seeds

Topics to be covered include the structure and functions of flowers; pollination, development and structure of fruits and seeds; and the conditions needed for germination.